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Australia is a special country. It has a reputation to have the most fun-loving people in the world. Who wouldn’t love fun if the country itself is one of the nations that have legalized the escorting business? Aside from the beaches, surf spots, five star hotels and sumptuous restaurants, Australia is home to an economic escorting business.

When you say “escorts”, these are not the girls that you see on the streets wearing fishnet stockings and knee-high boots, these are the girls that have sophistication and class. They work professionally only to please their clients as much as the next customer-relations officer would do. They make sure that all their services are proven discreet and private only for their lucky set of clientele to hear, smell, taste and touch.

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Private Girls in Melbourne are genuine top class ladies from different parts of Australia. Touring, local or international, these girls would surely love to hear from a new or regular client. Role playing games, fetishes, lingerie play, sex toys and paraphernalia, the girls have it all in their closet to use them only to you.


Imagine a hot supermodel or porn star walking up right to you with a whip, ready to fill the gap that you have been thirsting for all this time. We know that every man wants his erotic fantasies to come true. With Private Girls in Melbourne, you can make this fantasy into a reality!

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