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4 Cunnilignus Techniques to make your Partner Scream

Melbourne Escorts are elite companions for your social occasions but they can offer more intimate services. Most men hire escorts to guarantee their sensual satisfaction with a woman. These girls do everything they can to make their clients achieve intense orgasms down to the very last second; isn’t it in a gentleman’s code to return the favor?

Melbourne Escorts

Melbourne Escorts

Among the best ways to do so is to perform cunnilignus or in laymen’s term eat them out. In addition to that, feeling your partner from the inside and helping her achieve orgasm while she lays on top of you is simply a turn on in itself. Cunnilignus isn’t just kissing your partner down under, treat it gently and erotically. To help you out, here are some great techniques on how to eat her out:

  1. Focus on the clit but give it enough time to catch up. The clitoris is the most sensitive part of the female vagina. It is a lump of flesh that’s right above the labia or the opening where you slip your penis in. Give it much attention but don’t over stimulate it. What you can do is circle your tongue around it from time to time and flick it every 5-10 seconds or so. Overstimulation can result to the clitoris being swollen enough to have a “clitoris-cap” which prevents from further stimulation.
  2. The Lucky number 8. There’s a reason why 8 is the lucky number. Using the tip of your tongue, make a figure 8 from in between her thighs growing smaller and smaller until you reach her clitoris. You can alternate between small and big circles if you want. The anticipation and excitement of where your tongue will land on the the next curve will surely leave her breathless. Many Private girls in Melbourne highly recommend this technique for guys.
  3. The Australian kiss. The Australian kiss is like a French kiss but down under! There is a reason why kissing is such a pleasurable sensation for both men and women. Our lips is made up of nerve endings which makes kissing pleasurable. Why not take it up a notch by kissing her on her vagina with way more nerve endings? Sucking, licking and feeling her orgasmic palpitations gives her the most intense orgasm ever!
  4. Use your fingers. While your tongue might be busy somewhere, don’t forget to use your fingers somewhere else. This creates tons of sensations which would make her scream for more. You can use your fingers to tease her, rub her labia or grab her thighs; think creative!


Private Girls in Melbourne appreciate these simple gestures from their clients. Unlike other girls, these ladies enjoy spending time with their clients and are not clock-watchers. Experience the thrill and enjoy a moment with these escorts!

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