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Helpful Guidelines on How to Win an Escort’s Heart

This is the place where you can find the perfect companion for your stay here in Melbourne. You can find lots of gorgeous women who offer sex service.


If you happen to be in Melbourne for some good relaxation, you have come to the right place. For first timers out there, you might want to consider reading a few tips here:

  • Find escorts that have good reviews from previous clients. This will give you a total picture on what to expect from the said escort. Within their profiles, they also have bios that are written by the escorts themselves. If you can, read everything that is on the profile of the escort of your choice.
  • Trust is a major key in having a good time with our top Melbourne escorts. Give her your real name or tell her what you do for a living. These light talks build up trust in each of you. She may ask your ID when meeting up with you. This ensures both her and the agency that she’s working for.
  • When you talk to her on the phone, speak clearly and confidently otherwise you’d be hung up by these ladies. Do not book an escort while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You might say something rude or perhaps book her without your (conscious) knowledge.
  • Do not ask her quotes on the phone. By checking out her profile you can find her hourly rates in it. It might be a bit awkward for the both of you to ask something like that. Aside from that it gives her an impression that you are not smart enough to take her out.
  • Let her talk. As much as she wants to know you, you have to know her preferences as well. It is one step of getting to know each other and what you both want when you are in bed.

These are not just some arbitrary guidelines. In fact, these rules are the major rules of a gentleman. All you have to do is give her respect and she will show it to you tenfold. Another advantage is that you can wind up in their “favorite clients” list and she’ll let you off with discounts or more.

So have fun and treat your top Melbourne escort like a true gentleman should.

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