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I was in Melbourne over the weekend for a business trip. Though the place was new to me, the scenario wasn’t. After meeting with colleagues, some of us would go and have dinner, then go our separate ways to indulge ourselves for one night. When you’re away from home for a few days, you have needs to fulfill that the hotel can’t provide, so you find ways.

Private Girls MelbourneI hadn’t expected to find this many Private Escorts Melbourne – then again, it was my first night there. One blonde girl was slim, with small but perky breasts, and great-looking legs. Another one, brown-haired this time, had curves in all the right places. Yet another escort had a slim waist and hips, but she gave me a pretty good view of her round and firm behind.

I actually had trouble choosing, and, honestly, who wouldn’t? The girls knew their assets, and flaunted them pretty well. I had to bring my bag around to my front when I left the establishment, escort in tow. We jumped into our cab, and soon we were back at my hotel room.

She had skin the colour of creamed coffee, dark eyes, and a toned but curvaceous body. She started undressing, slowly, when we got closer to the bed, until she was down to a tank top and her underwear. I took off my jacket, but didn’t bother with my pants; she was taking care of it for me.

She didn’t waste any more time and started giving me head; I almost came when I felt her lips and tongue. This dark-haired beauty knew how to draw out a blowjob, using her hands and a few well-placed gentle nips with her teeth. I climaxed – the first of the night – when she took me deeper in her mouth.

I returned the favour soon after, her moans of pleasure getting me hard again. Before I knew it, I was thrusting into her, her hips bucking up to meet mine. I reached under her top to undo her bra and felt her full, firm breasts. I could feel her perked-up nipples brushing against my chest, even though I still wore my shirt.

We took a break afterwards, both panting, and talked for some time. There were the usual questions, like how old she was, what I did for a living, where she was from, and so on.

She said she was an athlete, and it showed. Her supple body allowed for a number of positions when we resumed our ‘play’. I did her from behind, first on all fours, and then up against the wall. I even did her while she was half dangling off the side of the bed. I didn’t know that position could look so sexy!

At one point, she brought out a few gadgets from her bag, which I hadn’t seen earlier. Those toys really enhanced the experience. Fast and wild, or slow and sensual – she knew how to perform. She also lasted longer in bed than other girls I’d engaged before.

Needless to say, that was the wildest night I’d had while away on business, and I definitely got my money’s worth. If you’re looking for Private Girls Melbourne, Elite Escorts London and Chelsea Escorts look no further than Melbourne Escorts. You won’t be disappointed.

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