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The Health Benefits of Sex

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Science and research have taken our understanding of sex to the next level. Many researchers have cleared our understanding about this very sensitive and delicate topic.

Health benefits of sex

Many researchers have found out that sex is in fact good for our health. So why deprive yourself of this pleasurable method of being healthy. But you have to keep in mind though that these health benefits are also associated with a balanced diet and healthy exercise.

  • Sex is a good stress reliever. It has been found out that people who engage in intercourse cope better in a situation that renders stress.
  • Sex boosts your immune system. Having intercourse once or twice a week boosts immunoglobulin which helps the body’s defenses.
  • Sex is good exercise. It has been proven that 30 minutes of sex burns 85 calories. It might not sound much but with multiple sessions a week you could lose a pound in a month!
  • Sex boosts your confidence. A research in England shows that many people are having sex because “they feel good about themselves”.
  • Sex reduces pain. Endorphins released during intercourse can help reduce pain. Endorphins are natural “painkillers” that would help you mitigate headaches, PMS symptoms and others.
  • Sex reduces chances of acquiring prostate cancer. Study shows that frequent ejaculations can reduce the risk of prostate cancer and sex is the most pleasurable way to do so.
  • Sex strengthens pelvic floor muscles. Kegels or “muscle control” during sex not only gives pleasure to your partner but also strengthens these muscles. This helps prevent incontinence later throughout adulthood.
  • Sex helps you get a good night sleep. Oxytocin released during intercourse helps you sleep according to researchers. A good sleep keeps a healthy body and with sex, it helps you do just that.

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